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Power Plants Water Filters Solutions

Power Plant Water Filter System Price - Waste Water Treatment for Power Generation Industry

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Power Plant Water Filtration System and Solution - Waste Water Treatment for Power Generation Industry Power Plant Waste Water Iron Reduction System

A steady stream of high purity water is very critical and reliable for the power generation industry. 

The treatment of raw hard water plays a critical role in the power generation industry throughout the world. High purity water ensures proper operation of the steam generation system and reduces blowdown frequency and use of boiler chemicals. Water treatment plant required by the power generation industry is to purify the raw water intake and render it suitable for use as boiler make-up water.

Nano Water Filter provides best solution for Water treatment for thermal power plants . High purity water and also protects against erosion and damage to equipment. For power generation, water is used in high-pressure boilers, turbines and cooling towers.

  • Protect turbine components
  • Prevent corrosion and scale formation in boiler
  • Prevent  formation/deposition of turbine system

Latest Power plant water treatment solutions enable reduced water intake with re-usable process water, and environmentally compliant discharge water.

New Russian Technology Water Purification Filters
Self Cleaning Automatic Russian Filters
Desalination of Sea Water with Russian Technology

When addressing water treatment for power generation, boilers require the highest quality water in the power plant. Allowing impurities to enter the boiler system can result in loss of heat efficiency, increased fuel consumption, condensate corrosion and reduced productivity.  Reverse Osmosis systems reliably remove water impurities, guaranteeing consistent and highly efficient operation.

Serus Nano Filters Provide Best and Advanced Russian Technology Filter & Waste Water treatment solution with zero almost maintenance

The main advantage of our filters over other filtration systems is the self-washing string-membrane filter element. It has the most efficient and reliable design for practical water purification.

Magnetic structured water system is designed for protection against scale and deposits in heating appliances, water softening, conversion of soluble iron to iron oxide and further removal from the water by filters of mechanical fine cleaning.

It is intended for protection against scale and deposits, suppression of bio fouling in:

- hot water boilers, heat exchanges, boilers, heating systems, steam generators
- technological and industrial equipment in production
- HVS and HVS systems of apartment buildings and industrial premises



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-Universal applies to all industries that require water treatment and anti scaling solutions
- Filter can work manually or automatically
- High flow water treatment up to 300 LPH
- Self cleaning, Self flushing
- Versatility 
- Increases the life of household appliances
- Reduced costs for heating homes up to 40%
- Reduced costs for heating hot water up to 40% (lack of chemicals. Reagents)
- Gets rid of limescale functions as a anti 
- Reduced pipe corrosion
- Reduced scale in pipes and magnifying elements
- Increase the overall system failure-free and increase service life
- Reduced maintenance and repair costs.
-High performance with fineness of oil 
-Works without replaceable cartridges for 10 years
- The self-cleaning mechanism and the "mirror" filter element allow you to effectively clean the filter, guaranteeing its reliable operation over time.